10G X2
Transcom's 10G X2 transceiver is a highly integrated, serial optical
transceiver module for high-speed, 10Gbit/s data transmission
applications. 10G X2 module is protocol-specific: Either 10G Ethernet
or 10G Fibre Channel versions are available. X2 transponders are used
in datacom optical links only (not telecom), and they are smaller than
old generation XENPAK transponders. Its electrical interface to the
host board is also standardized and is called XAUI (4 x 3.125 Gb/s).

  • Data Rate Package Style Description Part Number Wavelength Fiber Type Reach Connector Datasheet
    10G X2 X2 SR TS-X2-8510-02D 850nm MM 300M SC
    10G X2 X2 LR TS-X2-1310-10D 1310nm SM 10KM SC
    10G X2 X2 ER TS-X2-1510-40D 1550nm SM 40KM SC
    10G X2 X2 ZR TS-X2-1510-80D 1550nm SM 80KM SC

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