10G SFP+
Transcom's SFP+ series includes SR, LR, ER, ZR, CWDM/DWDM,
BIDI series, complaint with MSA, SFF-8472, SFF-8431,with the
feature of low power consumption, commercial or industrial
operation temperature and high reliability, suitable for DC,
Metro, Wireless and Transmission networks.

  • Data Rate Package Style Description Part Number Wavelength Fiber Type Reach Connector Datasheet
    10G SFP+ SFP+ SR TS-XP-8510-02D 850nm MM 300M LC
    10G SFP+ SFP+ LR TS-XP-1310-10D 1310nm SM 10KM LC
    10G SFP+ SFP+ ER TS-XP-1510-40D 1550nm SM 40KM LC
    10G SFP+ SFP+ ZR TS-XP-1510-80D 1550nm SM 80KM LC
    10G SFP+ SFP+ BIDI LR TS-XPBL-XXYY10-10D 1270/1330nm SM 10KM LC
    10G SFP+ SFP+ BIDI ER TS-XPBL-XXYY10-40D 1270/1330nm SM 40KM LC
    10G SFP+ SFP+ BIDI ZR TS-XPBL-XXYY10-80D 1490/1550nm SM 80KM LC

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